While this deluxe, premium lumber is chosen first and foremost for its beauty, its durability is superior to that of any other species of timber. Its superior resistance to twisting, warping and the formation of cracks makes it an excellent choice for any project. Used outdoors, its resistance to insects and the elements will both increase your deck’s lifespan and keep its maintenance simple. Used indoors, its sound-dampening properties will increase the occupants’ comfort! Finished and maintained appropriately, the Western red cedar stands out as the 100% natural material that will reward you with decades of reliable performance!

The Western red cedar: natural durability

Known for its exceptional physical properties, the Western red cedar is one of the rare species of timber that is completely imbued with its own preservative oils, which allows it to become remarkably resistant to decay and insects. This lumber offers superior durability and requires very little maintenance. The red cedar is a softwood, easily workable and very stable. It is also compatible with a great number of finishing compounds because it does not contain resin.

The ideal lumber for all your projects

Red cedar is an ideal choice of lumber for your indoor and outdoor projects. Whether used for panelling, moulding or other type of finishing element, its richness and warmth will make your home feel all the more welcoming!

Outdoor projects such as fences, decks, solariums, patios, pergolas, sheathing, soffits or beams will enhance your home’s style for years, thanks to the red cedar’s exceptional durability!


In order to always offer the most suitable material for your project, we offer the Western red cedar in different grades: :

  • Clear red cedar (no knots): ideal to build solariums, pergolas, patios, gazebos, doors, panelling, exterior covering or saunas.
  • Knotted red cedar (finished on all sides, ready to install): ideal to build decks or any other outdoor project.

For results that will live up to your expectations, Arga offers nothing less than the best materials.

Our other wood products

In addition to our specialty Western red cedar, we can supply you ‒ upon request ‒ with any product of Western origin, such as Douglas Fir, Western white spruce or other products such as Ipe wood.

We also offer a variety of products made of white pine and Eastern white cedar, such as panelling, untreated furniture wood and tongued and grooved overlay.

Standing out by our personalized service is the heart of our business: Do you have a renovation or expansion project with a specific type of wood in mind? Bring us your sample and we’ll help you to reproduce it!

Earth-friendly products

At Arga, respecting the environment is of great importance ‒ this is why all our products are ecological and free of chemical treatments. In addition, our lumber complies with FSC and PEFC norms which ensure the sustainable development of forests.


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