Everything you need to install and assemble your deck

Whether or not you’re a professional builder, you know one thing: once the material is delivered to your job site, there is no time to lose. Arga will help you work more efficiently with Camo products.

CAMO fasteners allow you to work more efficiently thanks to its system that uses invisible fasteners for composite or cedar.

Manufactured in the United States for 60 years, Camo products have proven their worth while remaining in step with the technological advancements that have been made in the design of tools and fasteners that meet the needs of today’s projects.



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Invisible Fastening System for patio

You won’t see any apparent screws on the surface of your deck with the Camo fastening system. It can be used with several kinds of materials: wood, composite, etc.—no pre-drilling required!

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Easy Installation Thanks to Camo Marksman

With its compact shape, this tool helps you insert screws at the correct angle every time. You also get evenly spaced boards for a superior visual impact.

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Easy to Repair

The Camo system lets you remove a single board at a time, contrary to many other invisible fastening systems.

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Camo Fasteners

Build Better in any Climate

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Accessories and Fasteners that Hold Up

The fasteners come with Camo’s exclusive ProtechTM coating, and the anchors are offered in various steel grades. Talk with Arga’s expert consultants to find out which product is best suited to your project.


  • Tool that are designed and manufactured to get the work done faster and spare your back.
  • Fasteners for all needs: nails (including for air hammers), screws for wood or synthetic materials, invisible clamps.
  • All Camo tools are guaranteed by the manufacturer.
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