Azek Products (TimbertechTM Advanced PVC)

Let your imagination run free by creating your unique style thanks to boards of varying widths and spectacular colours that last. No complicated maintenance. An occasional brushing and rinsing will suffice.

Advanced PVC technology by TimberTechTM uses a PVC encapsulation process that is so strong this premium quality material is guaranteed for 50 years against fading and staining.

Made in the United States, this material contains absolutely no wood fibres and will not crack. The result is two-fold: zero lost trees, zero risk of damages caused by humidity. The benefit for you: the best limited lifetime guarantee on the market.

The Azek line of products (TimberTechTM Advanced PVC) offers collections that allow you to choose between subtle colours and varying grain styles that will adapt to any design.


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Better Quality, Better Durability

Contains no wood material. Made from 100% recycled plastic, which contributes to increased lifespan of the product. Limited lifetime guarantee on the structure.

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More Variety: Board Width, Colours and Textures

Use boards of varying widths to diversify your design. The colours are incorporated into the surface and are guaranteed for 50 years against fading.

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Less Heat for Feet—and Paws

Maintains a temperature that is cooler to the touch by up to 16 °C and has 40% improved traction compared to other products on the market.

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Azek Series (TimbertechTM Advanced PVC)




Budget : $$$$

An Exotic Ambiance

Get the highly sought-for tones of genuine hardwood trees like Brazilian walnut (imbuia), mahogany, walnut, or teak. Use complementary hues to enhance the beauty of your natural environment.

Its fabrication process makes it one of the most resistant materials to mold damage.

A better choice for zones that are at higher risk of fire. This material has been tested for its flame-retardant capabilities and complies with Class A WUI (Wildland Urban Interface) standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) in. Ideal for rooftop terraces and decks.


  • Wire brush textured finish, low gloss.
  • Looks like genuine wood; superior quality.
  • Standard board width of 5.5 in, or smaller width of 3.5 in
  • Standard deck boards: 5.5 in wide x 12 feet long
  • Available lengths:
    • Square-shoulder cut: 16 or 20 feet
    • Grooved cut: 12, 16 or 20 feet
Nadeau terrace project made with azek vintage color weathered teak.


Weathered Teak

Colours Offered


Budget : $$$

Classic Cathedral Grain Inspired by Barnwood

Create a relaxed atmosphere through a rustic style thanks to this material inspired by salvaged wood. Your deck will have a totally unique and natural look with boards whose light and dark hues will vary from one end to the next.

No need to worry about UV rays and other bad weather. The exclusive Alloy Armour TechnologyTM (AAT) is used to protect the surface. This material offers better scratch and shock resistance compared to other competing products.

A better choice in increased fire-risk zones. This material has been tested for its flame-retardant capabilities and complies to Class A WUI (Wildland Urban Interface) standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Ideal for rooftop terraces or decks.


  • Unique colouration on every individual board, matte finish
  • Perfect imitation of barn wood
  • Ideal in areas subject to fires
  • Dimensions: 5.5 in x 1 in
  • Lengths offered:
    • Square-shoulder cut: 16 feet and 20 feet
    • Grooved cut: 12, 16 and 20 feet
Patio made of azek collection landmark color american walnut.


American Walnut

Colours Offered

Be Brilliant with Colours and Textures

The Vintage series comes in 5 colours inspired by exotic hardwoods, with a wire-brush, low-gloss finish. The boards of varying widths will allow you to showcase the infinite charm of traditional wood.

The Landmark series will give you a deck whose boards will have identical colour on all 4 sides—a very sought-after style for the first landing of a terrace. Available in 4 colours imitating the look of mixed wood grain, with a matte finish. Each colour is specially mixed and offers unique nuances.

No need to stress about how long your deck will last! The products of the Azek line (TimberTechTM Advanced PVC) are guaranteed for 50 years against stains and wear; the structure is covered by a limited lifetime guarantee.


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