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Who can deny that lighting is essential to any ambiance you want to create on your terrace or patio? Quebecers especially enjoy relaxing on their deck during beautiful evenings in the summer or fall.

A well-thought-out lighting plan allows you to showcase the different parts of your landscaping, or even the particular finishes of your colours and materials. Balconies, patios, stairs, fences or privacy walls can all play a bigger role within the environment you have imagined.

Safety is also indispensable and is sometimes subject to regulation by public authorities. Arga will help you see clearly through it all thanks to our specially designed deck lighting accessories.


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Ecological Lighting

DEL lighting has proven itself over several years now for its low energy consumption. Stay out longer on your patio without worrying about wasting energy.

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Versatile Design

Arga helps you to design your own custom lighting system. Ramps, columns and various coloured lightbulbs can all be adapted for a garden or a back yard, whether in the city or in the suburbs. Talk to an Arga expert consultant at our Laval store.

Practically Limitless Possibilities

Vary your lighting’s intensity depending on your home’s natural environment and cladding colour. Use variable beams to scale your landscaping’s overall impact and reveal your property’s true greatness. From the fireplace in the yard to the cute little path that leads up to your favourite rock, and passing by the pool or the spa in between. Your outdoor space may actually be larger than you originally thought!

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