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The choice of ramps and guardrails is one of the most important finishing touches of any deck-building project. You’ll transform your entire property by including our aluminum ramps and glass guardrails.

Aluminum elements are pleasing complements to wood and stone. They can confer a touch of lightness, elegance or modernism to your arrangement. Our ramps come in many styles: cocktail, modern, Victorian, and more! Even if you need a ramp around a swimming pool, our expert consultants will show you how to get the most out of every space where a ramp needs to be installed.

Our aluminum ramps and glass guardrails are made in Québec so as to withstand Québec’s climate.


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Refinement and Reduced Maintenance

Our aluminum and glass products were made in view of Quebecers’ current expectations. This includes a finished look with no visible screws! Uniform quality on all parts thanks to high quality paint that is resistant to Québec’s seasons. Modern style and minimal maintenance.

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Simple to Install and Durable

Our selections of ramps and guardrails were designed to be easy to install. Aluminum’s resistance to oxidation makes it a choice material for arrangements that are meant to last a long time.

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Our Aluminum Ramps and Glass Guardrails

Deck railings

Aluminum or Glass Guardrails

Deck railings

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An ecological choice

The powder coat has been meticulously developed to protect the environment: it does not contain any VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are known for their harmful effects on health, nor any heavy metals. The manufacturing process is structured in a way that allows excess powder to be salvaged or recycled in order to keep waste to a minimum.


  • Meets the industry’s environmental standards.
  • Made in Québec.
  • Resists oxidation.
  • Exceptionally durable thanks to in-factory powder finish.
  • Simple installation and no visible screws.
Black aluminium raillings.
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Colours offered

Speak with one of our expert consultants to choose the colour best suited to your project.

Aluminum or Glass Guardrails

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Expand your horizons

Glass guardrails give us no end of delight with the way they open a whole new view to our surrounding landscape while protecting us from a fall. You’ll feel free as a bird on your patio, deck, or even on the roof!

Do you prefer aluminum guardrails? No problem, Arga has them! With the same quality and finish as our aluminum ramps, our aluminum rods can be perfectly matched to the ramps.


  • Resist rust and require no maintenance!
  • Glass provides protection that’s discreet, modern, and almost invisible.
  • Allows natural light onto your balcony or into your home.
  • Timeless, refined design.
Glass and black aluminim raillings.

Colours Offered

Our glass is not offered in terms of colours, but rather in terms of transparency. You can choose a clear finish to keep the transparency of the glass completely intact. But you can also choose glass that is slightly opaque and use it to create privacy areas. It’s your dream chance to harness your flair for decorating while respecting current safety requirements.

Turnkey Service

Thanks to the wide variety of products Arga offers you, your design possibilities are practically unlimited. All manner of arrangements are achievable: combinations of wood, aluminum ramps, guardrails with rods or glass. Our team is fully competent to guide you towards the best possible choice for your specific project.

Arga offers you impeccable service at every step of your project, from design to finish. We’re here to share personalized advice, ensure delivery of quality materials to your job site and to offer you attentive after-sales care.


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Discover the amazing results you can achieve by combining these products and the advice of our specialized experts in this field. The perfect match of know-how and quality products.

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