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Genuine wood is a choice material for interior finishing work. Practical and pleasing to look at, it can be used to create a variety of effects: warm atmosphere, refined decor, country accents, etc.

However, what options are available to you if you love the look of genuine wood, but you hesitate to use it because of budget or environmental concerns? Arga has a solution for you: Fiberwood’s co-extruded composite material for interior cladding. The Royal Edition could very well be the extra touch that will complete your design.

Your style of decor is unique, and you should have access to a multitude of options to express it. This is why Arga always offers you high quality products that will enhance even your most luxurious projects.

Our team will be happy to answer your questions and offer tailored solutions for your project.


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Unequalled Appearance

Red cedar offers a delicate and regular grain, deep and luxurious colours. White pine panelling is suitable both for walls and ceilings to achieve styles that can transform your home’s interior. Fiberwood’s composite looks like genuine wood and is offered in 7 colours; it will breathe life into any sleek or minimalist design.

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Simple Installation, Great Price

Arga offers various profiled cuts so that your panel installation can be well planned and quickly executed. Our red cedar cladding is easy to saw and nail. And our Fiberwood composite (Royal Edition) is easily installed using its system of tongue and groove boards that keep screws concealed.

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Our Interior Cladding/Panelling

Red Cedar Interior Cladding

White Pine


Red Cedar Interior Cladding

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A Light and Stable Wood

Among the many varieties of wood that are suitable for panelling, cedar stands out because of its exceptional resistance to mold, fungi (mushrooms) and insects. This makes it a choice material to use for your interior design. Arga offers red cedar panelling of either knotted or clear (unknotted) grades, and in several board lengths.

This wood possesses remarkable longevity compared to other varieties. It is particularly dense, which gives it soundproofing properties. And then there’s also that ever-so-subtle scent of cedar, just enough to make you believe you’re in the middle of a forest!


  • Contains natural oils that make it resistant to insects and bacteria.
  • Does not require the application of any treatment.
  • Light, easy to transform, receptive to paint, stain, varnish, wax, even oil.
  • Offered in boards of 4 to 16 feet long.
Western red cedar indoor panel.

Colours Offered

You decide! Western red cedar contains rich and varied hues that are prized for the warm atmosphere they create. And although many people prefer not to cover red cedar with paint, everything is possible. Choose from 1,000 stains, natural oil, aluminum oxide, and 6 levels of gloss.

White Pine

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Save Time and Money with White Pine Panelling

The use of panels as interior cladding is very popular because they are affordable and easy to install. Our white pine is offered with tongue-and-groove profile (square or V-joint) and is pre-painted with two coats of white paint. Because it can serve as both wall or ceiling cladding, this finishing product is ideal to complement a wide variety of décors and create many different effects.

In addition to its pleasing aesthetic, this panelling has interesting technical properties: it provides extra thermal and sound insulation while resisting well to humidity.


  • Economical, easy to install.
  • Possibility of delivering the wood pre-painted in 2 coats with your choice of colour (available on special order).
  • Offered in boards of 4 to 16 feet long.
  • Extra thermal and sound insulation properties.
Ceilling with white pine paneling.

Colours Offered

You’re in the driver’s seat! You can stain or paint this panelling any colour you prefer. A choice of 1,000 stains, natural oil or aluminum oxide is available, as well as 6 levels of gloss. Talk to one of our consultants!


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The look of genuine wood, indoors—a stroke of genius!

Fiberwood is made in Québec, and the business has proved itself a success in the field of co-extrusion composite for the past 20 years. Their team has created a competitively priced product that comes with a 30-year warranty.

Fiberwood developed their own patented technology to protect their material, PROSHIELD PREMIUM®, which is not only waterproof but also protects the composite against stains, scratches, even claw marks made by animals. No more stressing out over the possibility your pet might damage your beautiful “wood”!


  • Fluted, three-dimensional shape which imitates wood perfectly
  • Very suitable for sleek, minimalist decors; instantly and elegantly creates an illusion of height
  • Simple, easy installation thanks to tongue and groove boards
  • 30-year warranty
Fiberwood wall cladding royale.

Colours Offered

Service Without Reproach

No matter what the size of your construction, renovation or addition project, Arga is there to find the ideal wood material, hues and textures that will delight you.

Working with a tight deadline? We understand completely. You’ll never be disappointed by a delay because the wood you want isn’t in stock! We strive to maintain our inventory to allow for quick delivery. Is delivery giving you a headache? We’ll deliver directly to your job site. Our expert consultants will be happy to answer your questions and offer you solutions that fit your project’s needs.


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