Patio Anchoring System

Protection, solidity, and durability: that’s what the Nami fastening system is all about. Any well-designed project needs quality anchoring at its base. What’s the point of investing in quality materials for the structure if the fasteners can’t hold up for a comparable amount of time?

NAMI offers engineering grade fasteners that comply with building regulations respecting load-bearing capacity. These fasteners avoid the need to cut into a building’s cladding and greatly reduce the risk of water infiltration that could originate from the deck. They also simplify the deck’s possible replacement in future.



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Installation that protects your house

Once installed, the joists don’t touch the building, which reduces the risk of water infiltration.

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Superior Quality

Nami’s galvanizing process is certified by engineers; its fasteners are designed and built to support a load of 3,000 lb (1,300 kg).

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Simple Installation that Saves Time

Because these fasteners are designed to be assembled to your building’s concrete foundation, only 3 steps are required: mark, drill, secure. After that, you’re ready to secure the joists.

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Nami Fasteners

Several Anchoring Systems Offered

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Durable Structural Support for your Deck

It doesn’t matter what the size of your patio or deck is compared to the house. Nami provides 3 anchoring systems that can perfectly adapt to your needs. Choose depending on whether your beams are parallel or perpendicular to the foundation, or based on slightly more limited space.


  • Adapts to a new project, an extension, or a renovation.
  • Supports are guaranteed for 25 years; guarantee is transferable upon proof of purchase.
  • Complies to professional standards; patents are pending on some components.
  • Complete system provided: supports, spacer pads, bolt kits, adapters.
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