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Better than PVC or traditional composite? Yes, it does exist! It’s DeckoratorsTM composite with its EovationsTM technology that incorporates mineral fibre into its composition.

The result? More solidity and more lightness. More resistance to water and soil. Less expansion and contraction of the material caused by extreme temperature variations. In Québec, that counts!

This resistance to the absorption of humidity makes it the ideal material not only for your deck, but also for your flower boxes and containers, exterior framing of all kinds. You can place them in soil, on the water or even in the water! Their structures are guaranteed for 50 years and require very little maintenance.


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The mineral-based, patented manufacturing technology along with polymer plastic fibres make it resistant to rot. Does not contain any organic substances.

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Unequalled Stability and Solidity on the Market

The patented EovationsTM technology used in its fabrication creates a fibrous material that contains tiny air pockets, similar to wood. Practically unbreakable!See

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25-year guarantee on the Product against wear and stains

Your deck will keep its colours and rich tones for years thanks to the ultra-performing polymer coating.

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DeckoratorsTM Series

Voyage Series

Budget : $$$

The Comfort and Strength of Genuine Wood, without the Maintenance

This mineral-based composite retains less heat because of its unique finish designed to reflect infrared rays. Micro-embossing on the surface reduces the sensation of heat that is felt when skin is in contact with the material. Guaranteed 25 years against stains and fading.

Made with EovationsTM technology, this material has a fibrous internal structure similar to that of wood. Therefore, it also weighs very much like wood and is approximately 35% lighter than traditional composite. This is a significant advantage that simplifies handling and installation. It can even be used as wall cladding. Your design options unquestionably become much more interesting. Structural guarantee of 50 years.


  • Very little alteration resulting from heat.
  • Suitable to contact with water or in water; with soil or in soil.
  • Surface is resistant to heat and fading.
  • Several board widths offered: 3.5 in, 5.5 in, 7.25 in and 9.25 in.
  • Lengths offered: 12, 16 or 20 feet (some lengths only; speak with a consultant for more details).
  • Grooved or square-shoulder cut.
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Colours Offered

Achieve Design through Colours and Shapes

The DeckoratorsTM Voyage Series is offered in 5 elegant colours that will blend right in with your outdoor décor while enhancing it at the same time. Even in contact with water or soil, the structure will resist mold for years.

You can combine different colours to create accent zones or areas of interest all around your property.

The varying widths of the boards will give your arrangement a totally personalized look. The grooved cut made in-factory allows you to eliminate surface fasteners by using StowawayTM hidden fasteners. Your deck will look clean and restful. And you’ll be rested as well thanks to its minimal maintenance!


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