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It was in 1996 that Trex invented, defined and perfected its composite wood decking products. Since then, they have become the largest manufacturers of wood-substitute products in the world. Their material changed the way we experience life outdoors.

In 2010, Trex developed its protector shell technology that further transformed this category. The TranscendTM series provides superior resistance to fading, staining, scratching and mold. It is ultra-resistant: it doesn’t split, crack, or warp. Guaranteed.

Made in the United States, this composite material contains 95% recycled materials and salvaged wood. For you, this is durability and natural beauty at their best. For the planet, it means less forest losses.

Trex TranscendTM also features easy installation using its system of grooved boards.


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Minimal Maintenance

No sanding or staining necessary, no sealers to apply. Ever. Limited 50-year guarantee for residential use.

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Resistant to Humidity

Protected by a patented shell that resists mold.

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Guaranteed up to 50 Years Against Wear and Stain

Among the best guarantees on the market for residential use. Your deck will keep its rich tones and colours for years.

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TrexTM Series

TranscendTM Premium Tropicals

TranscendTM LineageTM

TranscendTM Premium Tropicals

Budget : $$$

The Warmth of the Tropics, Even Up North

Add warmth and coziness to your environment no matter what the temperature is outside. Whether it’s the appeasing grey of Island Mist that imitates the look of driftwood, or the deep mahogany with hints of black, you’ll find the colour that perfectly matches your taste for faraway places.

This product’s multi-facetted wood grain will give an air of luxury and comfort to your deck, without the inconveniences of maintenance. No sanding, no staining, no sealer. Easily cleaned with just soap and water.


  • Lively colours that keep their rich tones for years.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Guaranteed against fading, warping, and rot.
  • Square edge boards offered in 1 in or 2 in thickness; grooved edge boards: 1 in.
  • Width/length: several sizes available depending on chosen thickness. Speak with a consultant now or come visit us at our store.
Patio and stairs made of trex transcend color lavarock and tiki torch.


Lava Rock and Tiki Torch

Couleurs offertes

TranscendTM LineageTM

Budget : $$$$

Manufacturing Designed to Reduce Heat.

Bring to mind the quiet breeze of a sandy beach or the refreshing shade of palm trees thanks to the natural wood grain patterns of this extraordinary material. Winner in 2023 of Green Builder Media’s award for its refined aesthetics, its performance guaranteed 50nbsp;years and its ecological manufacturing.

The shell of Trex TranscendTM LineageTM is specifically designed to reflect the sun’s rays and to be cooler to the touch than most similar composite decking products on the market*.

*However, on a hot and sunny day, the product will nonetheless emit heat to some degree. Caution remains appropriate when skin comes into contact with the deck’s surface.


  • Specially designed to reduce the impact of heat.
  • Offered in soft and appeasing colours that have an unequalled natural look.
  • Limited guarantee of 50 years for residential use.
  • Offered in square-edge or grooved cuts.
  • Width: 5.5 in.
  • Offered lengths: 12, 16 or 20 feet depending on type of cut chosen.
Terrace made of trax transcend lineage color biscayne.



Colours Offered

Be Brilliant with Colours and Textures

Trex composite is renowned for its deep wood grain textures that give that unmistakable, authentic look. Its long reputation on the market no longer needs to be proven, as supported by its guarantee.

Under its shell, it is made of recycled materials and wood fibres: a prime ecological product. The only maintenance required is to clean it occasionally with soap and water.

The TranscendTM series is offered in 6 bright monochrome colours that will never stop delighting you with their possible combinations.

The TranscendTM LineageTM series comes in 4 trendy colours inspired by some of the most beautiful places in America. Designed to better reflect the sun’s rays and reduce the effects of heat.


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