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This noble wood, chosen foremost for its grace and distinction, surpasses the lifespan of many other tree varieties in Québec and Canada. Its superior resistance to warping, twisting and cracking make it an excellent choice for any project.

Outdoors, it will resist insects and weather for years, increasing your deck’s longevity while requiring only simple maintenance.

Indoors, its acoustic soundproofing properties will increase occupants’ comfort.

With a well-thought-out finish and appropriate maintenance, western red cedar stands out as a material that is 100% genuine that will give you decades of satisfaction.


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Natural longevity and resistance to rot

This wood is, by nature, infused with preservative oils. Its resistance to water, fungi (mushrooms) and insects is directly built into its DNA!

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Easy to work with and durable

Red cedar is a softwood and therefore easy to work with and very stable. It is compatible with several finishing products because it doesn’t contain resin.

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Western Red Cedar

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All our cedar products are ecological and have never been chemically treated. Our wood meets FSC and PEFC standards which ensure the sustainable management of forests.

Western red cedar is a wonderful variety of wood for both indoors and outdoors: from panelling to soffits, every element of your decoration or structure will embellish your home’s style for years.

Grades offered

  • Clear red cedar (without knots): Often used for its modern look, it is ideal to build solariums, pergolas, patios, gazebos (pavilions), doors, panelling, exterior cladding, or saunas.
  • Knotted red cedar (finished on 4 sides, ready to install): ideal for decks, terraces, flower boxes, lattice walls or other outdoor projects.
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