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At a time when more and more people seek to enjoy their outdoor spaces, the means used to preserve privacy on our property or to protect it have become very important.

In times past, wood fences were certainly a classic, when most people had the time and the means to build and maintain them. Aluminum and glass also have great advantages. . . along with the corresponding expense.

Is there no alternative in between? Yes! Arga is proud to offer Fiberwood coextrusion composite, manufactured in Québec for over 20 years. Are we saying you can use composite for a fence or a privacy wall? Absolutely! In view of its 30-year satisfaction warranty, the low level of maintenance required and how easy it is to install, this product offers excellent value for price.


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Looks like genuine wood, without any complicated maintenance

The Classic Edition board has a wood groove finish that feels like real wood to the touch—it’s not a mere 3D illusion. Maintenance is super simple: just use water.

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Coated with a layer of PROSHIELD PREMIUM® protection, this composite is resistant to humidity, mould, insects, warping, UV rays and scratches.

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Our Fences and Privacy Walls

Classic Edition

Royal Edition

Fiberwood decorative panels

Classic Edition

Budget : $$

Choose the Classic Edition if you’re looking for a perfect imitation of genuine wood. You won’t be disappointed by its beauty, strength and durability.

The wide range of colours offered will give you all the latitude you’ll need to harmonize fences and privacy walls with your home’s cladding.


  • Coextrusion composite of the highest quality, made in Québec.
  • Solid board structure.
  • Simple installation using tongue and groove system.
  • 30-year satisfaction warranty against humidity, UV rays, insects, mould and scratches.
Fiberwood classic fence.

Colours Offered

Royal Edition

Budget : $$ à $$$

Do you favour modern and contemporary styles? Do you also like textures and colours? The Royal Edition of Fiberwood composite is for you!

With so many available colours and its multidimensional fluted boards, even streamlined or minimalist landscaping designs will be enhanced by this premium quality coextrusion composite material.


  • Super strong board structure.
  • Uniquely engineered fluted design.
  • Simple installation using tongue and groove system.
  • 30-year satisfaction warranty against humidity, UV rays, insects, mould and scratches.
Fiberwood royal fence.

Colours Offered

Fiberwood decorative panels

Budget : $$ à $$$

Five privacy panel models available in two sizes

Add a touch of modernity and intimacy with our decorative aluminum panels! FIBERWOOD offers five contemporary designs that will bring a unique style to your outdoor living space.

Made from high-quality aluminum, these strong and durable panels can adapt to any garden or patio style.

Aluminum is a lightweight but sturdy material that does not rust or deform. It is also easy to maintain and clean, making it an ideal choice for privacy walls.

These aluminum privacy panels can be used on top of your fences or to hide unsightly elements such as trash cans or outdoor air conditioning units.

In addition to their aesthetics and functionality, aluminum privacy panels are also environmentally friendly. It is a recyclable and eco-responsible material.

Fiberwoo decorative panel - palm.

Models available

Fiberwood decorative panel - riverstone.
Fiberwood decorative panel - picasso.
Fiberwoo decorative panel - palm.
Fiberwood decorative panel - matrix.
Fiberwood decorative panel - bamboo.


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