Wood is a choice material for interior finishing work. Practical and esthetic, it can be used to create a variety of effects: a warm atmosphere, refined decoration, country/rustic accents, etc. There are many ways to obtain an absolutely unique décor ‒ which is why we always offer materials of the highest quality that will enhance even your most high-end projects.

Barn Wood

Barn wood is a type of aged wood that has a particular finish obtained by exposure to the elements. Originating from real life barns, it has recently become popular because of its look of authenticity. However, assessing barn wood’s health safety is difficult. For example, some planks contain traces of harmful composites: old lead-based paints, mold, creosote or tar, arsenic, or even fecal matter.

In order to offer you the best of both worlds, Arga has developed a wood product styled Old Barn, made from new spruce wood.The boards are carefully selected to match the desired characteristics of barn wood as closely as possible while avoiding possible negative side effects on health (respiratory issues, asthma, etc.). Offered in bronze-grey or pewter-grey, our Old Barn style of lumber will provide you with the same touch of originality and depth as authentic barn wood. And because it is so versatile, it can be used in many different ways ‒ from coverings to furniture components.

Pre-painted panelling

Panel covering is also a very popular choice of finish, as it is affordable and easy to install. Offered in white pine with either square or V-joint tongue and groove, it is covered with two coats of white paint. It can be used either as a wall or ceiling covering, which makes this finishing material ideal to embellish a great variety of décors or create special effects. In addition to its pleasing esthetic, this covering has interesting physical properties such as extra thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as being resistant to humidity.

Cedar panelling

Among the many species of wood that can be used as panelling, cedar stands out thanks to its exceptional resistance to mold, fungus and insects, which makes it a choice material. Arga offers panelling made of several species of natural wood, knotted or clear and in a choice of colors such as white pine, Western red cedar and Eastern white cedar.

Service beyond reproach

Thanks to the quality of its products, Arga can offer you the ideal materials for your projects, whether small-scale or high-end. We’re also aware of how important your deadlines are ‒ which is why we keep a full inventory and are able to offer delivery to your building site, so that you benefit from the best possible service. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and suggest customized solutions for your project.