MoistureShield composite


Why choose MoistureShield?

MoistureShield’s process of full encapsulation is the only manufacturing process to produce deck lumber that can be used on the ground, in the soil and even under water! Our composite material is in fact recognized for its reliability and high-level performance: the product has shown no defects whatsoever in the course of construction!

MoistureShield material is made of 95% recycled materials. In fact, our composite material is LEED certified and the system received the Partnership for Environmental Excellence prize awarded by the American Environmental Protection Agency, attesting to its high level of performance on the environmental front.

Advantages of a Terrace Built with MoistureShield Composite

Its special texture prevents it from becoming slippery, even when wet, which is a great safety bonus. The manufacturing process used ensures protection right through to its centre, making this material remarkably resistant to wear and tear, scuff marks and even to mould, which helps give it even longer life.

A Wide Choice of Colours and Textures

MoistureShield composite is also offered in a wide assortment of colours and textures that can be adapted to all types of projects.

With this mind, our Vantage Collection proposes a vast array of products along with many advantages: excellent performance, reasonable pricing and ecological material

Recently added to some collections offered, CoolDeck technology reduces heat absorption, resulting in a terrace that is cooler than traditional composite materials, even in full sunlight.

MoistureShield composite comes with a limited lifetime warranty that stands out as the best warranty in the industry against damage caused by rot and termites.