Composite material


Easy-care patios made of composite

Our innovative approach will give you access to superior quality composite materials that will contribute to your deck’s long life, while minimizing maintenance. Thanks to several technological advances, our composite material is in fact “recognized for its reliability and high-level performance.” Some types of composite can even be used in the ground and under water, which gives you a great deal of latitude regardless of your project’s complexity.

Ecological Approach

At Arga, respecting the environment is our continuing concern. This is why our composite materials are designed to have a limited ecological footprint and are made of recycled materials and wood resin.

Does your project require LEED certification? No problem! Our advisors can offer a number of LEED-certified composite materials that have been awarded the Partnership for Environmental Excellence prize by the American Environmental Protection Agency - a clear testimonial to their high degree of environmental performance.

Outstanding Performance

Arga’s composite materials are unique in their category and shine by their outstanding properties. They are designed for easy installation, which gives better results and simplifies the organization of work at the building site.

Composite materials are easy to clean and maintain, as well as resistant to stains and discoloration.

Easy to maintain

Easy to clean and stain resistant

Water resistant

Protection from the effects of water


Non-slip material, even when wet (MoistureShield)


Made with recycled materials

Results that deliver on your expectations

The aesthetic results obviously do not disappoint. A wide choice of natural or gloss textures are offered in various trendy colours that will stand the test of time. The beauty and style of the composite boards distributed by Arga are certain to give you pleasing results that match your tastes exactly and that you’ll be proud of!

The material is offered without grooves for a uniform effect, or with grooves in order to hide attachment clips or straps of some types of assembly systems. Whether you prefer a more modern décor, a touch of elegance or a natural, warm atmosphere, you’ll find the composite material to suit your style. Designing your very own outdoor terrace will never have been so easy!

Arga: Quality Composite Materials

Our company is proud to offer only the best products on the market - this is why we carry materials made by reliable suppliers who offer long-term warranties for durable materials that will earn your satisfaction for years to come!

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