Simple and lasting aluminum handrail

Choosing ramps and guard rails brings the final touch to any deck building project. You can add even more dimension to your project by enhancing it with our aluminum railing.

Aluminum components complement wood very nicely and can give your deck design a light, airy touch, combined with elegance or modernism. Our ramps and guard rails are offered in a variety of styles that will adapt to all décors.

aluminium handrail balcony
glass handrail and pool

Effortless assembly that will stay the course

Our aluminum products are manufactured according to your needs in order to offer maximum simplicity and free you from maintenance work.

Our lines of ramps and guard rails are designed for easy installation, thus simplifying the organization of work at the building site so that even a novice do-it-yourselfer can install them just as easily as an experienced contractor. Furthermore, aluminum’s resistance to oxidation makes it a choice material in building long-lasting projects.

An innovative system

The Century Aluminum line distinguishes itself even more in the market of traditional ramps and guard rails by using a new type of premium powder paint that eliminates painstaking paint jobs. The in-factory finish ensures uniform quality as well as exceptional durability and resistance.

An ecological choice

Similarly to our wood lumber products, production of our aluminum components must take into account many ecological concerns and environmental requirements in this industry.

The powder finish has been meticulously thought out to be respectful of the environment: its ingredients contain absolutely no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds, known for their harmful effects on health), and no heavy metals. In addition, the manufacturing process allows to recover or recycle the leftover powder so as to reduce waste to the greatest extent possible.

What’s more, the durability of this finish helps to avoid the repeated use of solvents, paints and stains which can be harmful to the environment and affect our customers’ health.

Take advantage of the Arga team’s experience

Thanks to the variety of products offered by Arga, design possibilities are practically endless. Whether you prefer wood assembly, aluminum ramps, glass guard rails or with latticed bars, all styles of combination are possible and our team is able to guide you to the choice best suited to your special project.

We are proud to offer you impeccable service at every stage of your project, from design to finishing, either by providing personalized advice, ensuring the delivery of quality materials to your building site, meeting your deadlines or providing attentive after-sale service.

Thanks to our innovative products and our technical, personalized advice, you’ll appreciate your new outdoor installations as much for their comfort as for the esthetic enhancement they’ll bring to your property. The remarkable quality of our products will allow you to complete your project with confidence and peace of mind.

inground pool glass fence
gray aluminium handrail